Drag n Drop Objects in Flash vs. Rev

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Thu Dec 4 21:43:45 EST 2003

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> Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 16:55:55 +0000
> From: Graham Samuel <livfoss at blueyonder.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: Drag n Drop Objects in Flash vs. Rev
> On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 07:54:07 -0800, Scott Rossi <scott at tactilemedia.com>
> wrote:
>> [apropos of Geoff Canyon's 'constraint' example}
>> The above handler set is not only appropriate for constraining mouse
>> movement, but can also be adapted to monitor the positions of dragged
>> objects and allow responses from target objects *while the dragging is
>> taking place* -- this can't be done using the grab command.
And thus comes my personal request: A more useful 'grab' command. like in
SuperCard, where you have add-on parameters which allow constraint
coordinates and handlers to run.

What say ye?

Ken N.

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