Clone stack doesn't clone the substack(s) within it!

Sarah sarahr at
Wed Dec 3 17:30:03 EST 2003

I don't see this is a bug, rather a confusion arising from the 
distinction between a stack and a stack file. A stack file 
"MyStack.rev" can contain numerous stacks: one main-stack and any 
number of sub-stacks. A stack "MyStack" is just one component of that 

If you clone "MyStack", you will get a copy of "MyStack" - not a copy 
of "MyStack.rev" - therefore it will not contain the sub-stacks.

I would suggest that you write your own clone routine that clones the 
main-stack and then loops through each of the sub-stacks, cloning them 
and setting their mainStack property to the newly cloned main-stack.


On 4 Dec 2003, at 7:53 am, Dom wrote:

> I have a template stack, which is cloned by another "central" stack.
> As I cloned this stack, with an eye on the appilcation browser I noted
> that a small substack within it was NOT cloned!
> Is it a *bug* or a *feature*?
> For me, a clone is an _exact_ reproduction of the template, not a
> partial one...
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