directory walking sorted; file listing modification

Bob Hartley bob at
Wed Dec 3 15:54:04 EST 2003

Hi all

I found this script to list files in a director and walk down the folders. 
I also manage to list the output in a box. :-)

How can this directory walker be modified to only list the files comtaining 
raw01.pic, raw02.pic and raw03.pic?

Then all I need to do is link the final box to the target directory. But 
that is later.

global gHierList
on mouseUp
   put empty into gHierList
   put empty into field 1
   answer folder "Pick a folder you want to walk:"
   if it is empty then exit mouseUp
   set lockCursor to true
   set cursor to watch
   directoryWalk it
   sort gHierList
   put gHierList into field 1
   put number of lines of fld 1
   set lockCursor to false
end mouseUp

on directoryWalk whatFolder
   set the defaultFolder to whatFolder
   put the files into temp
   repeat for each line x in temp
     put whatFolder & "/" & x & return after gHierList
   end repeat
   put the folders into tDirList
   repeat with x =  2 to the number of lines of tDirList
     directoryWalk (whatFolder & "/" & (line x of tDirList))
   end repeat
end directoryWalk


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