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Wed Dec 3 03:51:39 EST 2003

On Tue, 02 Dec 2003 23:13:43 +0100, jbv <jbv.silences at> wrote:
>  > > I can understand for Java, but why stay away from C ?
>>  >
>>  > Just curious,
>>  > JB
>>  >
>>  because its scary
>Are you sure ?
>IMHO, C compilers (Code Warrior, Visual C...) are scary...
>But not C, nor assembler.
>Futhermore, Rev is scary, especially when you're used to the
>"vintage" MetaCard IDE...    ;-) just kidding of course...

My answer is, "because it's not Transcript". All these things have a 
learning curve, but IMHO x-talk languages have a much shorter curve, 
and thereafter productivity for all but a few highly technical tasks 
(many of them platform-dependent anyway) is far higher. I don't have 
the time or the facilities to measure this objectively (setting up a 
fair test would certainly be a tad complicated - might make a good 
Masters' dissertation), but I would take bets on reasonable odds that 
'normal' cross-platform application development (from conception to 
delivery) is far faster using Transcript than it is using C.

My 2 Eurocents


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