Rev 1.1 apps launching Classic on OS X 10.3

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Dec 3 03:34:02 EST 2003

On Dec 3, 2003, at 12:53 AM, Ian Wood wrote:

> You can find one at scroll down to 
> beta 1.0.6 and this is the one that does it.

Hmm. this is not good. Here are some more data points if anyone can 
figure this out.

- qtvr2mov_demo_1_0_6_ launches OK on OS 10.2, with Classic installed. 
But Classic apparently does not need to be running.

- qtvr2mov_demo_1_0_6_ does not launch at all on OS 10.3, *without* 
Classic installed.

- This is a "PowerPC PEF executable" file.

- OS 10.3 can run other PowerPC PEF executable files OK, like Transmit 
the FTP app.

- The PEFViewer that comes with OS 10.3 dev tools doesn't report 
anything wrong with qtvr2mov_demo_1_0_6_

Q- When building with 1.1.1, what are the Build platforms available and 
what did you select that produced this standalone? (I don't have a copy 
of 1.1.1 anymore) I can't remember when Mach-O output was enabled in 
Rev, but that's preferable because it's OS X only and therefore 
shouldn't try to launch classic, ever.

Q- Can anyone test this file with OS 10.3, *with* Classic installed? or 
OS 10.2, without Classic installed?

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