Attaching OSX standalones to email

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Dec 2 13:41:03 EST 2003

Hi Cornelia,

> I cannot attach a MacOSX Standalone file to email (I use Entourage, 
> but I
> tried other programs, including web mail and it doesn't work there 
> either)
> even though I have no difficulty attaching a MacOS9 or Windows 
> Standalone
> file. What's the problem? On a PC, the standalone MACOSX file turns 
> into a
> folder, which is why it can't be attached there. On the Mac, it is 
> disabled
> when I try to attach it. Is there a work-around?

Create a Stuffit-archive from the standalone :-)
Or a ZIP-archive...

Works fine and is standard on the mac...

Hope that helps.


Klaus Major
klaus at

OS X standalones ARE folders, actually!
OS X just fools the user and makes him see an app :-D
But a control-click reveals the truth...

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