Find and Replace

FMoyer at FMoyer at
Mon Dec 1 21:08:54 EST 2003

Can anyone shed any light on the "Find and Replace..." feature in Revolution? 
I open a stack, and then press command-F. Up comes "Find and Replace." I type 
in a word to search for, and make sure only "Field Text" is checked. The 
results of the search are baffling -- I get the same card listed over and over. 
And then when I double-click on a line, instead of being led to that card, the 
script for the field where that text is found opens. Why would I want see the 
script for the field where that word exists? It seems completely illogical to 
me -- but maybe I'm missing something.

Then if instead of searching "This Stack" I choose "Stacks in a Folder" and 
then choose a folder, I get a bunch of error messages and then the computer 
freezes and I have to force-quit Revolution.

I'm using MacOS 9. Are others experiencing similar issues with Find and 

Fred Moyer

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