listing files in a directory folder and subfolders and copy

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Dec 2 11:40:51 EST 2003

Hi Bob,

> Hi all
> I am new to revolution. I have been impressed by the demo and after 5 
> days decided to buy it. :-))))
> ...
> However the folder "images will have 20 folders in it and the .pic 
> files will be in these. IE. It needs to list all the .pic files in the 
> sub-folders.
> I checked the help files and can see how to list a files and folders 
> in one directory. OK so far but to list all in the subfolders is not 
> clear to me.
> Thanks for the help and bearing with a newbie.

Check this:

Click on "Develper resources" in the pag-menu, then on "Revolution" on 
the left side,
scroll to "File/folder manipulations" and click

"file007 - Providing a Complete Hierarchical File Listing (Directory 
Walking) "

There you will find 2 smart examples...

> Cheers

Hope that helps...

> Bob


Klaus Major
klaus at

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