Open Process, Windows platform !

Alex Rice alex at
Mon Dec 1 16:26:19 EST 2003

On Dec 1, 2003, at 9:58 AM, Steve Pelchat wrote:

> Hi, i would like if other people got some problem with the "Open 
> Process Vprocess for neither" on Windows Platform ....
> Because when i start my open process with 'for neither' the function 
> close my openprocesses even my application run..... and if i put into 
> IRIX Platform, the open process is correct, it close only when the 
> application was finnished....

Have you checked bugzilla for "open process" bugs? The open process 
command is severely buggy IMHO.

> And other question, when the ENGINE for IRIX coming out ??

I remember you asked this before. Looks like you asked in September and 
in mid-November. If I were you I would not be too happy :-/

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