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Sarah sarahr at
Tue Apr 29 18:08:01 EDT 2003

Hi Wilhelm,

Yes, I did get in to your server just after I sent the email :-) I  
think the connection problem was at my end as our ISP has been messing  
things up the last day or two.

Thanks for the demo stack, I had a look but I guess I'm just lazy. What  
I really want is to be able to substitute my dialog stacks for the  
defaults without having to change any script commands i.e. just have  
ask & answer point to my stacks instead. I reckon this should work if I  
just edit the Rev stacks in place (after making backups).

One oddity which I did solve was the problem of setting the loc of the  
modal window without it flashing up in the wrong place to start with.  
In your ask demo, you open the window, set it's loc and then change it  
to modal. Even though the screen is locked, I can see it after it has  
moved but before it becomes modal (you can see the background pattern  
change). I changed part of your script as follows:

   go invisible to stack "question"
   set the loc of stack "question" to ModalLoc
   modal "question"
   unlock screen
   show stack "question"

This made it open, move and change mode without showing any  
intermediate steps.

sarahr at

> Hi Sarah,
> our FTP server should be accessible with any web browser (Netscape,
> Explorer etc.) from anywhere, maybe it was temporarily down because of
> maintenance?  Begin with "" and work the  
> long
> way down to "MetacardPractice".
> Here is the full address again:
> " 
> Sanke/Metacard/MetacardPractice/".
> If you indeed should have problems with the access to our server,  
> please
> give me details.
> Stack "modal_dialogs" has commented scripts that show how the launching
> stack and the six modal substack exchange information  using the
> dialogdata property and custom properties ( or neither of these ).  
> These
> stacks were build from scratch. Maybe they provide hints how to
> construct you own modal dialogs.
> The new stack "newanswer-launch", which deals with the discussed "loc"
> problem, contains a "newanswer" substack that is a modified
> Metacard/Revolution "answer dialog" stack, but has to be started with
> "modal newanswer"; one could of course add a "on newanswer" handler  
> that
> would enable users to use a format similar to that of the "answer"
> command, i.e. something like
> "newanswer Icon,Title,Prompt,Buttonchoices".
>  The other "question" substack fulfils the function of an "ask dialog",
> but it not a modified version of it. The scripts are also somewhat
> commented.
> Cheers,
> Wilhelm
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