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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Tue Apr 29 13:34:02 EDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 Sarah <sarahr at> wrote:

> Hi Wilhelm,
> I couldn't access your FTP server, but I am also interested in
> constructing my own ask & answer dialogs as I need to create modal
> dialogs which time out, logging what has happened (like OkeyDokeyPro).
> What I am not sure about is how to get Rev to use my own dialogs
> instead of the usual ones. I would really prefer to be able to use the
> normal ask & answer commands with all their parameters, but I am afraid
> that I will have to write myAnswer & myAsk commands which go to my own
> dialogs instead.
> Has anyone implemented their own dialogs in an application and if so,
> how?
> Cheers,
> Sarah

Hi Sarah,

our FTP server should be accessible with any web browser (Netscape,
Explorer etc.) from anywhere, maybe it was temporarily down because of
maintenance?  Begin with "" and work the long
way down to "MetacardPractice".

Here is the full address again:


If you indeed should have problems with the access to our server, please
give me details.

Stack "modal_dialogs" has commented scripts that show how the launching
stack and the six modal substack exchange information  using the
dialogdata property and custom properties ( or neither of these ). These
stacks were build from scratch. Maybe they provide hints how to
construct you own modal dialogs.

The new stack "newanswer-launch", which deals with the discussed "loc"
problem, contains a "newanswer" substack that is a modified
Metacard/Revolution "answer dialog" stack, but has to be started with
"modal newanswer"; one could of course add a "on newanswer" handler that
would enable users to use a format similar to that of the "answer"
command, i.e. something like

"newanswer Icon,Title,Prompt,Buttonchoices".

 The other "question" substack fulfils the function of an "ask dialog",
but it not a modified version of it. The scripts are also somewhat



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