unexpected messages

Bob Rasmussen brasmussen at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 28 13:14:01 EDT 2003

Dave Cragg <dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk> wrote:

> I tried this with single objects (not a group), and didn't get the problem.

Same here.  Being a group seems to be essential for this behavior.

> (I could only get something like you described if I hid the original target.) But I'm wondering
> if the fact that you're working with a group makes a difference. For example, the original target
> of the mouseDown is an object in the group, not the group itself. When you duplicate and rename
> the group, the group objects will still have the names of the objects in the original group. So
> there will now be an object with the same name as the target. But as you've got round the
> problem, I haven't explored it further.

When I change all the names of the copied group objects, there's no change in behavior.

> >Hence my original request.
> While a list would be nice, what you described sounds like a bug so it probably wouldn't make the
> list. A mouseMove message shouldn't get handled in the middle of a mouseDown handler unless
> you've done something specifically to get async behavior (e.g. wait .... with messages).

Yes, I suppose that's right, but at least then I would know to report a bug and not a mystery.

You've been a great help.


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