Documentation on using Windows Externals

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So the Windows version won't work with runrev yet because it's an Active X
control? Is that correct? I've never tried using an windows externals. so
I'm still learning it all.

I do hope to do a Mac version of my app once I finish it, using the Mac
version of the CDDB external - it's just going to be harder to write and
test, since I don't have a Mac at the moment...

Edwin Gore

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> >Looking to work with some windows externals, like a DLL - specifically,
> the
> >GraceNote CDDB dll that interfaces and gets and retrieves information
> about
> >CDs from the internet. I have the SDK and I am looking through it, and
> it
> >talks about methods and setting up variables in C and all, and stuff
> about
> >visual basic, but I am not really very sure how all of this translates
> over
> >to RunRev.
> Working on an external tutorial. But it's more of a simple movie
> editing/image manipulation one which just covers the basics.
> This CDDB dll looks good. Would be nice to have a sample which
> demonstrates accessing an external API. The kind of thing that I would be
> interested in:-) Would be so cool if someone would write an iTunes type
> app in Rev:-)
> Downloading and taking a look at it. The mac version looks
> straightforward to deal with. The windows version requires that it be
> accessed as a COM/ActiveX object apparently which is pretty standard.
> ActiveX is something we plan to support in the future.
> Should be able to get it working over the next few days, would be good to
> have with 2.0 going out. I'll then contribute the source code/sample
> stack to the Rev contributions area.
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