Making ex cd win files writeable using get shell

DVGlasgow at DVGlasgow at
Sun Apr 27 02:37:01 EDT 2003

Hi folks

 I wanted to run something on standalone start up to make sure a results 
stack is writable.I am still struggling to get this to work, and have a few 
shiny cd beermats as a result.   Leaning heavily on Ken & miscdas et al I 

 If the platform is "Win32" then
    get the directory
    put it &"/affin2pics/affinity results.rev" into tfilename
    get shell ("attrib -r" && tFileName)
  end if

On opening, an ugly DOS-esque window opens (the 'console' that was spoken 
of?) and disappears.  Thanks to sluggardly VPC, I *think* I can see that 
nothing appears in it.  The results file remains stubbornly locked.

3 questions

1 Any ideas why this isn't working?  

2 Assuming I can get it working, any way of hiding the console?

3 Why isn't this a built in thing?  Call me simple, but I thought setting 
cantmodify set writeability, and assumed it was at OS level.

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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