Tabbed Buttons & Cards Question

Cubist at Cubist at
Tue Apr 22 15:06:01 EDT 2003

sez Jim Biancolo:
>> On one tab I want to store many records (cards) and on the other 
>>tab I want to store a single record (card).

sez DVGlasgow at
>My take on this is that this is an interface issue not a scripting problem.
   I think the Glaswegian is right. Try building two stacks (one is the 
one-card job, the other is multi-card), and put a tabbed button on each of 
those stacks. Make sure that the tabbed button *looks* precisely the same in 
each stack, and script all the tabs to Do The Right Thing vis-a-vis opening 
up the appropriate stack when you click on the tabs. If you do it right, you 
should be able to *fake* the "one stack" effect you're striving for, never 
mind that it's really *multiple* stacks that are involved...

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