Tabbed Buttons & Cards Question

Jim Biancolo webmaster at
Tue Apr 22 09:43:01 EDT 2003

At 08:14 AM 4/21/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>At 5:13 PM -0700 4/17/03, Jim Biancolo wrote:
> >I'd like to create an interface with two tabbed buttons.  Clicking Tab A
> >should bring up a data entry form where the user can create multiple
> >records (I've prototyped this using the backgroundBehavior such that each
> >"record" is a card) .  Clicking Tab B should bring up a different data
> >entry form where the user can create a single record.  The thing that I
> >can't figure out is how to have a "many cards" group in one tab, and a
> >"single card" group on another tab.  Is such a thing possible?
>Create a tabbed button with two tabs, A and B.
>Group this button (so it's the only item in the group).
>Place the group on all the cards. You will need to adjust the layer to make
>sure it's behind the card-specific controls.
>Add a menuPick handler to the tabbed button's script to go to the
>appropriate card when you click a tab.

Thanks for the reply!  It's almost certainly because I'm green, but I don't 
know if this is going to solve my problem (at least not quite the way I'd 
like :-).  On one tab I want to store many records (cards) and on the other 
tab I want to store a single record (card).  On my "many" tab I want to be 
able to add new cards and do previous/next through the cards without 
bringing up the card from the "one" tab.  With your solution above, won't I 
need to add logic to my "previous/next" code so that the "one" card is 
never pulled up when navigating through cards in the "many" tab?  Coding 
such an exception isn't a big deal when I only have the two tabs, but I'll 
probably have more than that (which I didn't bring up originally for 
discussion purposes).  It's still not too big deal, it's just that I always 
prefer to avoid such "exception" logic.

In short, I like the "separate stacks" approach because it makes creating 
and navigating through cards in the "many" tab easy.  I like your approach 
because it allows me to share the navigation elements ("tabs") across the 
whole app without the maintenance headaches that come from copying and 
pasting it everywhere.  I'm hoping for the best of both worlds.  I'm 
probably hoping for too much, but a guy can dream, can't he?  :-)

Thanks again,


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