Faceless CGI

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Tue Apr 22 09:12:00 EDT 2003

At 9:56 am +0200 20/4/03, Thomas Seewald wrote:
>Hello, I have installed the Darwin engine on OS X and Linux on Linux and it
>is working as long as I do not use
>"get URL" or shell().
>I have read the thread about faceless CGI and LibURL and build a stack
>including the newest LIBURL from Rev 2B.
>"start using stack "myLibURL" is working as long as I use only a short own
>But get URL does not work neither shell for wget.
>Any Ideas?

How did you include libUrl in your stack? Below are previously posted 
instructions for doing this. They should still work.

Create a new mainstack and name it myLibUrl (or whatever) and save it 
as myLibUrl.rev.

In a button, put the following script (take care of wrapping in mail):

on mouseUp
   set the script of  stack "myLibUrl" to the script of button "revlibUrl" \
        of stack "revLibrary"
   set the customproperties of stack "myLibUrl" to the customproperties  \
        of button "revlibUrl" of stack "revLibrary"
   set the customProperties["cFtpGoodCodes"]  of stack "myLibUrl" to \
        the customProperties["cFtpGoodCodes"]  \
            of button "revlibUrl" of stack  "revLibrary"
    save stack "myLibUrl"
end mouseUp

Place the myLibUrl stack in the same location as your cgi script. 
Near the top of your cgi script, put the line:

start using stack "myLibUrl.rev"

Note that the "start using" line refers to the file name 
(myliburl.rev) and not just the stack name.

I can't help with the shell problem.


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