Disabling an Option Menu item

Edwin Gore edgore at shinra.com
Fri Apr 18 13:39:00 CDT 2003

This is under windows. I have tried it on both 2.0b2 and 1.1 - no luck on either.

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>This should work in 2.0b2... is this on Mac or PC?
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>> Subject: Disabling an Option Menu item
>> Is it possible? I am letting a user import a
>delimited text 
>> file, then I snag the first line of it and
>display each item 
>> with an option menu underneath it. Each item on
>the option 
>> menu maps to a field on a card. When the user
>selects an item 
>> from the menu (thereby mapping that item from the
>text file 
>> to a card field) I want to disable that menu
>item, so the 
>> user can only map one field in the text file to
>one field on the card.
>> When I try this, I just get a paren in front of
>the item, and 
>> it remains selectable.
>> I can't use a compbo box, because the user isn't
>allowed to 
>> type anything in, I can't use a pop-up or drop
>down menu 
>> because I want the user's selction to remain
>beneath the 
>> field they are mapping...
>> I'm at a loss.
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