Tuviah M Snyder diskot123 at
Wed Apr 9 17:50:01 CDT 2003

>Could you *please* make Revolution BETTER THAN Windows?
Better than windows, is there such a thing:-) I mean if Microsoft
couldn't do it with 50,000 employees than surely it can't be done!

> I don't care if it is standard Windows behavior or not. I would rather
be able to specify a
>starting point for the users of my software to begin browsing folders. A
>lot of efficiency is lost when users have to navigate through 20 folders
>EVERY TIME they need to select a file.
I just had a cool idea. Chipp wrote an XML tree-view object (so did I but
it requires revxml). I'm sure someone could use that to design a clone of
the Windows answer folder dialog. The Rev team could then use that for
all platforms (including Linux) as an alternative.

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