Any luck with video input?

David Kwinter david at
Wed Apr 9 14:53:05 EDT 2003


I am using the video input sample stack with an Orange Micro firewire iBot
camera. The preview function works great, as do start and stop recording. I
do not believe that the "grab image" button works as designed.. Though there
is a residual image apparently from testing, so I'm sure it worked for
whoever created the stack and functions (on a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 I

Can anyone else confirm this bug?

Aside> Personally I am very excited to use Rev to implement some
stereoscopic object recognition algorithms. Present state-of-the-art systems
(in the public domain at least) have clearly not been designed with the aid
of a 4GL and are merely capable of object-avoidance for mobile robots.

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