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On 8/4/03 7:40 pm, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

> This thread reminds me:  There's a button in the toolbar to suppress error
> warnings -- under what circumstances would you not want to know that your
> script is broken?

Several.  You might be importing a HyperCard or SuperCard project which has
lots of errors in the script, and want to work through the problems in a
methodical fashion without hundreds of errors appearing on the screen.  You
might have just broken something in a loop, or in some code that
relates to mouseMove or some other handler that occurs frequently.  It makes
it easier to get to the dialog if you can work in an environment where your
scripts don't generate errors.  Suppress Messages goes one step further and
prevents messages being sent to your stacks, thus giving you the ability to
edit your project "dead".

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