Beta 2.0 - Bugs 'n' stuff

Kevin Miller kevin at
Wed Apr 9 11:53:14 EDT 2003

On 7/4/03 3:44 pm, Ken Norris <pixelbird at> wrote:

> Platform: Mac G4 OS 9.1
> 1) How do we get rid of all the errors in the error dialog (the 'Remove'
> feature is missing)?
>   ...hiliting and hitting "Delete" has no effect. I now have a buildup of
>   about a dozen or so errors in there.

It wasn't really that useful a feature so we removed it to reduce clutter.

> 2) I also found: The [revSpeak] function does not work.

It doesn't work on PPC, or in the Message Box, both these issues will be
fixed shortly.

> 3) I prefer not to use the iconbar, just the menubar. It took way too long
> for me to find the script editor in the object dialog, i.e., IMHO it should
> be a button right on top of the object dialog somewhere since it is the
> first place we go most of the time.

There is a Script button on the Toolbar, in the menu bar, the command key
shortcut is Command-E, you can hold down the control-alt /command-option key
and move the mouse over an object, and it is in the menu on the properties

> 4) The Tool Palette keeps disappearing and reappearing opposite the script
> editor window (open Script, Tool Palette disappears, then the
> reverse)...drives me crazy! Is there a reason for it?

Yes, this is the new default behavior.  You can alter it in the preferences.
It prevents screen clutter, and most of the feedback we have had has been
very positive.

Thanks for the feedback.

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