TidBITS seeks Content Management System

Norbert Kühlthau nk at nefkom.net
Wed Apr 9 04:39:01 EDT 2003

Hello list!

I'm new to this list, though I'm a long time archives lurker. 
I purchased Revolution 14 months ago, but I still didn't find the time
to convert my old HC stacks, which I still use on OS 9. But when
Revolution 2.0 finally ships (and faster Macs too) I will take a new
approach, and then you may hear more from me.

But today I want to point you to sth different:
< http://db.tidbits.com/getbits.acgi?tbart=07143>

TidBITS is a weekly Macintosh related publication. It is widely known
and has a long tradition. It's first issues were distributed as HC
stacks, but today they are distributed as simple email, though you can
also read their articles on their web site.
There are many applications I first heard of at TidBITS (e.g.

Ten months ago I sent an email to TidBITS, asking why I never heard
anything about Revolution at TidBITS.
I got an answer from Geoff Duncan, who told me that
- he assumed, that most of his hundreds of HC stacks could not be
- he didn't use MacOS X yet as main platform
- he agreed that "Revolution looks cool", and thought that an article
about it from an outside writer would be coming (which didn't happen

Times are changing, and in it's recent issue TidBITS is actively seeking
a better Content Management System for their future needs:
  "We realize that the current set of contenders
  represents a jumble of options for scripting languages, underlying
  databases, and supported technologies, and our heads are spinning
  as we try to analyze the possibilities. So tell us what you think,
  and we'll be sure to write more about our progress."
 Maybe now is the time to place a new hint about revolution at TidBITS.
I don't feel experienced enough with revolution to do this myself, so
this list may clear up things. I would also like to see the pros and
cons of using revolution for this task discussed on the list (though it
is not very likely that I will/can participate in such a discussion

Hope you found this hint useful,
Norbert Kühlthau

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