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> On 8/4/03 2:43 pm, François Cuneo <francois.cuneo at> wrote:
>> I'm new in this list.
>> So, I'm trying to import a supercard project in Revolution. The Sif Exporter
>> in SuperCard 3.6 give me an error message "Invalid Path" when I select my
>> Supercard project.
>> What can I do?
> What version of the converter are you using?
The version SC to Rev Converter v1.3.1.3B9, the last one on the runrev site
>  If this problem is
> reproducible and you can't find a way around it, feel free to send me the
> project and recipe off list and I'll take a look at it to see if the
> converter needs an update.
But the problem is reproductible with all projects. Before, I was able to
convert (last year) but now, it's impossible on starting with 9.2.2 or on
classic 9.2.2 via 10.2.4

The script for the SIF is stopped here the line after *********:

   if it ‚ "" then
    put justname(it) into targetName
    if targetName = short name of this proj
    then alert "Can not export the exporter."
    put targetname into gtargetprj
    put rd(targetname,8) into g83name
    put justpath(gexporterpath)&":SIF Output:"&targetName into path
    new folder (path&" images:")
    set the defaultFolder to (path&" images:")
    put path into gtargetpath
    progressbar "Making a copy of the project to work on."&cr
    copyFile IT,path
    if the result <> ""
    then alert "Can't export, missing main folder named ³SIF Output²"
    --deal with sc bug
    set the textfont of grc "project" to geneva
    set the textsize of grc "project" to 9
    set the textdata of cd grc "project"
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