Beta 2.0 - Bugs 'n' stuff

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Mon Apr 7 15:06:00 CDT 2003

Back again,

How do I get rid of the Error dialog?

  I clicked to make a new button while it was open (I think) and the thing
filled up with a whole bunch of errors which look like this (nothing else in
the text):

Object    internal

--until the last one, which says:


         executing internal 11:53:18 AM
Type    Factor: error in left operand
 bject    revbutton
Line    If the mnemonic of tObjects is 0 then
Hint    card id 43753 of stack "revPropertyPalette 1"

--I cannot close the Error dialog window AT ALL, and Rev will not Quit AT
ALL (the 'Quit' menuitem just causes the Error dialog window to come back to
the front). I can open and close other apps, but it looks like I will have
to RESTART the computer to get it to quit.

Ken N.

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