I Sure Hope the Build Is Fixed in 2.0

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Mon Apr 7 03:44:01 EDT 2003


After the first successful build...did you *remove* the executable from the
directory where you built it? So, during the second build, there *folder*
was there, but not the *executable*?

If this is the case, I've seen it happen before on Windows (though have not
tested with the latest 2.0beta). My suggestion is to use a archiving utility
(my altArchive plugin;-) or LEAVE the executable in place...copy it out of
the Standalone folder to test.



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> >Does this mean you did or did not lose work? If the folder deleted
> >was in your Build folder, it shouldn't have contained originals --
> >right?
> Hi Geoff,
> Right, it didn't contain my originals.  Right, I did lose my work:
> Hard Drive: My Files
>    App Folder: Rev 2.0B4
>      Working Folder: SSC
>        Build Folder: Builds
>          Standaone Folder
> Standalone folder was removed, leaving individual (unrelated)
> files in Builds
> Every individual file in SSC was deleted, upon which the Dist Builder
> added insult to injury by telling me it couldn't find the stack it
> just removed.
> The only good news was the lost days work was 80% debugging; so
> rescripting took only a couple of hours.
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