Setting icon on Windows build

Tariel Gogoberidze PMDA at
Fri Apr 4 23:56:01 EST 2003

At Fri, 4 Apr 2003  David Glasgow wrote

> Using OS 9.1 and Rev 1.1.1 to build a Windows standalone I haven't been able
> to set an icon.  I made what I thought was the right thing in
> GraphicConverter, saved with the correct extension, but found the standalone
> builder benignly stalled as it reached the icn.  The standalone was intact,
> but with no icon.  I pinched an icon from something or other in VPC (Win 95.).
> I compared the genuine article with my home spun product and found them to be
> indistinguishable. I tried again, using the borrowed Windows icon, with the
> same result.

I'm not an expert on this but I remember from the posts on this list that
windows icons must have exact size in bytes, 744?

Today the new version 4.6 of GraphicConverter was announced. Among other new
features it now includes an option to scale to a pixel count.

Previous attempts to make windows icons for Rev in GraphicConverter were
unsuccessful but with this new feature it may (or may not :)) work

Hope this helps
Tariel Gogoberidze

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