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Fri Apr 4 12:21:01 EST 2003

Note: On application start if i set the generic linkColor it's still not
adopted, but if I set the linkColor of my stack then it does !

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> Jez wrote:
> > I've written an app which makes use of links. All works fine in Browse
> > but as soon as I build a distribution I lose the link colours - they
> > black and stay black. In browse mode I get a nice different colour when
> > click on a link and links I have visited. Why is this ?
> >
> > NB. Why, if the rev tool was developed in Scotland, do we have
> > like LinkColor spelled the American way ? Its very annoying !
> Colors are set in the IDE on startup, but these are not persistent.  I
> know why the colors aren't set to appropriate defaults with the
> but the same issue exists in MC.  All you have to do is set the colors in
> your standalone's startup handler.
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