Button vs. Message box scripts

Cubist at aol.com Cubist at aol.com
Tue Apr 1 19:32:01 EST 2003

sez jhurley at infostations.com:
>I found  that resetting the graphic loc at the end did less violence 
>to  the position of the graphic after rotation but this may be a 
>matter of  preference.
>Also, using round rather than trunc maintains the shape of the 
>graphic a little better. Doing 8 rotations of 45 degrees with trunc 
>does alter the shape.
   Suggestion: Rather than perform each new rotation on the graphic's current 
set of points, why not keep a running total of the accumulated angle, and 
rotate the *original* set of points *every time*? If you rotate the current 
set of points, you run the risk of accumulating roundoff error and such; if 
you always rotate the original set of points, you never have more than one 
rotation's-worth of error to worry about.
   Hope this helps...

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