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Klaus Major klaus.major at
Thu Sep 26 11:44:01 EDT 2002

Hi Toma,

> ...
> My code is currently this:
> on openstack
>   put url "file:translations" into tTranslations
>   split tTranslations with cr and tab
>   set the customProperties[cTranslations] of this stack to 
> tTranslations
>   put url "file:forms" into tForms
>   split tForms with cr and tab
>   set the customProperties[cForms] of this stack to tForms
> end openstack
> on mouseUp
>   select the clickText
>   put the clickText into tClickedWord
>   put the cForms[tClickedWord] of this stack into fld "Translation 
> Display"
>   put "  " after fld "Translation Display"
>   put the cTranslations[tClickedWord] of this stack after fld 
> "Translation
> Display"
>   set the textStyle of word 1 of fld "Translation Display" to bold
>   set the textStyle of word 2 of fld "Translation Display" to italic
> end mouseUp
> But for this, I still need external data files in the standalone app.  
> What
> should I change in the above code to have the data stored in the
> application?

Just open that stack once, delete or comment out these 6 lines
of your openstack-handler and then save that stack.

Et voila, c'est ca :-)
And that's it :-)

May have been too obvious ;-)

> Thanks a lot for all your help!
> T.


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

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