can't play sounds from HC stack

mark mitchell cowhead at
Mon Sep 23 09:12:01 EDT 2002

EsaK wrote:

>> P.S. I'm on a PC, and don't own a Mac.
> Mee too. I have same problem.

Well, step 1 is admitting that it IS a problem, so you are already on 
your way to a cure ;-)  Go for the twin gigahtz G4 if you've got the 
cash, an iMac or eMac if you don't.

I suggest converting the sounds to SunAudio if you want to keep them 
internal, or MP3 if you want to switch to a referenced media file and a 
player.  If you had a Mac (:-)) there are some very good shareware 
applications for doing the sound conversion.   With soundApp, you can 
just drop the hypercard stack on it , and it will automatically convert 
all the audio files contained within to the format of your choice.  
SunAudio is compatible with windows and Mac, so its a good choice.  
After you have converted all the sounds, use the "import all audio files 
in folder" menu to put them all back in.

If you cannot find a decent audioconverter for windows and its just a 
one-shot deal, I can easily do the conversion for you if you send me the 
stack.  If you are going to be doing a lot of this, of course you need 
to get your own fishing pole.

mark mitchell

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