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I also started with HyperCard. I also found the differences between Rev and
to be an annoyance until I got more accustomed to the differences. Rev is
definitely more powerful and versatile.

The easiest way to simulate HC backgrounds is to start with a clean new
Build all of the controls and fields that should appear on all cards.
Select all,
and group those items. Look at the properties of the group and look at the
tab labeled "Group". Make sure "Background Behavior" is checked. If it is
this group only lives on the current card. And this is the key to working
in a
simulated HC world... Always select the group and Edit the group when you
to add objects to your background. This way they automatically appear on
of the cards.

~Roger Eller
   roger.e.eller at

- - - - - - Nate <ncouch at> Recently Wrote:
> Okay I am a newbie to Revolution.  I have used Hypercard 2.4 for decades
> find the "Revolution" view of backgrounds a bit confusing.
> In Hypercard I was used to being able to manipulate backgrounds at will
> have it applied to all other cards automatically.  In Revolution I find
> if I modify the background then the other cards with the same background
> lose the background (and all data thereon) altogether.  I have looked
> through the help and tutorials with little insight on how to accomplish
> this.
> Is there a way to manipulate the background on one card and have it
> automatically applied to the other cards without having to re-create the
> other cards?
> Any insights?
> Nate

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