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What you're looking for is the "resizeStack" message, which will get sent
when the stack is resized. You can trap this and manually move/size all your
objects... OR you can use the Geometry Manager to have Rev do the coding for
you. You select the objects and use the Geometry Manager to say what happens
when the stack is resized. I haven't used it much myself, and there have
been some bug reports on the list, but it shortcuts a lot of

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> So there I am with a full-blown educational CD-ROM all
> authored on Runtime Revolution; when "Paint me green and
> call me Willy Wonka" along comes my boss and tells me that
> most people are going to be pissed-off that the prog is set
> for a screen res of 1024 x 768!!!!!!
> Bugger, bugger, bugger!  start poking around in ye olde RR
> manual and come up against "screenRect" - dead sexy; it
> returns something about the screen resolution.
> However........
> Is it possible to use 'screenRect' to resize my stacks?
> and........make sure the images contained in the stacks
> resize with the stacks?
> Of course, stuck in the stone-age, what we are looking for
> is a routine which will aloow the program to 'shrink' to a
> res of 800 x 600 or even 640 x 480 is necessary.
> Help needed (and not just from a psychologist)....Richmond
> Mathewson
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