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You just use partial paths based on where "the directory" points to. Most
people will insert a chunk of code that sets the directory to the location
of their stack (while they're developing), something like:

on openStack
    put the fileName of me into tName
    set the itemDel to "/"
    delete last item of tName
    set the directory to tName
end openStack

Then, any video/images/etc. would get a "filename" that is the remainder of
the path; for example, if an graphic "dog.jpg" was in an "images" folder,
and the "images" folder was at the same level as the standalone (or stack),
you would set the fileName of the image in Rev to be "images/dog.jpg".

Hope this helps,

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software
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> I am a new user of Revolution. I noticed that both Videos and Images are
> embedded and need to connect with external files. This is easy when I'm
> building, the images and videos are right there on my hard drive. But when
> build to CD I need relative paths so that the images and videos I burned
> disc will play in anyones CD drive regardless of the Drive letter.  How do
> you create/insert relative paths in Revolution?
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