Trouble printing Rev documentation using an HP Deskjet 720c in Windows (ME)

Robert John Warren warren at
Mon Sep 16 12:34:01 EDT 2002

Re: Trouble Printing Documentation (Jeanne A. E. DeVoto)

Dear Jeanne,
Since you have asked whether anyone else has had trouble printing the Rev
documentation using an HP printer, I should tell you that quite a long time
ago I exchanged a series of e-mails with Kevin about the trouble I was
having. In my case, some of the lines were being printed in a font size so
small that it was impossible to read them without a magnifying glass! I have
a Deskjet 720c (NOT a network printer) and I use only Windows (ME). My
printer driver was (and still is) an old one, but at the time I could not
follow Kevin's advice to install a later driver because one was simply not
available for my printer. Nowadays, a new driver exists, but I have not
bothered to try it because my old driver works perfectly well with ALL other
applications (without exception) and it seems unreasonable to me to be
expected to install a new driver just on the chance that it might work with
I have no trouble printing the documentation to an Epson LQ570+ network

Bob Warren

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