LibUrl update 1.0.8b1

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Mon Sep 16 05:11:01 EDT 2002

A new update to libUrl is available at the url below:


Please note that Starter Kit users won't be able to apply these updates.

Version 1.0.8b1 adds a new function (libUrlFtpCommand) that lets you 
send any ftp command to an ftp server. This is a potentially powerful 
feature, allowing you for example to chmod on files. But it requires 
you know about ftp commands and responses to use effectively.

This version also includes the following two new features that were 
included with 1.0.8a1.

1.  A callback feature that lets you get the status of 
downloads/uploads. It is similar in some ways to the current 
urlStatus function, but it will work with blocking calls such as "get 
url". This makes it possible to report download/upload progress for 
these blocking calls. It should also make it easier to set up 
something such as a url status panel once, and then have it work 
automatically for all uploads and downloads without any further 

2.  A way to switch the way that ftp directory listings are returned. 
You can have libUrl use the conventional LIST command (the default) 
which for most servers returns the conventional Unix-style directory 
listings. Or you can switch to the NLST comand which returns a list 
of file names only.

Details of the features are on the website.

In addition, some changes have been added to the socket opening 
routines which should make libUrl more reliable at returning error 
messages when sockets fail to open.

Dave Cragg
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