gzip & Mac File Types

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Sep 14 18:30:01 EDT 2002

Rob Cozens wrote:

> One of the advantages of using a custom format (I'm appending eight
> characters to the end of the data before compressing and striping
> them off after decompressing) is that I can include logic to
> recognize that Unix & Windows files ending in .rev default to
> fileType "revoRSTK" and those ending in .txt default to "ttxtTEXT".
> (If someone will provide me with the fileType for MetaCard stacks,
> I'll default .mc to that also).

Creator:  'MCRD'
Type:     'MSTK'

As long as you're using a custom format why not use a stackfile as the
carrier, with the data from indivdual files tucked away in custom
properties?  For just a few bytes of overhead you have a rich,
instantly-parseable format.

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