selection in a fld

Brad Allen BradAllen at
Sat Sep 14 13:30:01 EDT 2002

You have to make sure the button's traversalOn property is set to 
false (go to the properties pallette under the Button tab, and 
uncheck "Can Receive Keyboard Focus". Otherwise, clicking the button 
will de-select your selected text.

At 7:46 PM +0200 9/14/02, Yves Coppé wrote:
>I have a fld of text.
>I'd like to select some lines of the fild and then press a btn.
>The script of the btn is
>  put the selectedText of fld "xxx" into fld "yyy"
>but when I click the btn, the text in the fld "xxx" is de-selected,
>so no any chars is copied !
>how to proceed ?

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