gzip & Mac File Types

Brad Allen BradAllen at mac.com
Sat Sep 14 11:32:01 EDT 2002

>This is fine for determining what app should open what file; but is 
>essentially useless for determining the original file type & creator 
>of a file that is now compressed and awaiting decompression.
>Right now I'm leaning toward adding my own header with creator & 
>file type to the file data before compressing.  This means my 
>decompress will only expand gzips created by my compression 
>menuItem...not as general as I would like; but it gets the main job 

I wonder if there are any OS X command line tools available to binhex 
the file before compressing it into gzip. That would retain the 
resource fork + type and creator code, wouldn't it?

Under Mac OS 9, I think you can binhex a file using Applescript and 
URL Access Scripting.

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