Drag & drop install & read-only status

Bob Arnold rfarnold at bu.edu
Fri Sep 13 16:19:01 EDT 2002

I have encountered another stumbling block --

Apparently, a file copied from CD on Windows will be set as "read-only" in
the new destination (presumably since the CD source is locked). Is this

This puts a kink in in the simple notion of drag-and-drop Windows
installation of application stacks with read/write data or preference-saving

A. does anyone know how to get Windows to avoid doing this? --- or

B. Can a file's read-only attribute be changed from within a stack? My
stand-alone mainstack checks to see if its substacks exist -- it would be
nice if when checking, it could change the attribute to read/write as well.
My cursory search for such a capability in the transcript dictionary didn't
come up with anything. -- Even if it could get the attribute without
changing it, I could add an alert to the user.

Thanks in advance

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