Images & clipboard problems

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Sep 13 16:05:00 EDT 2002

Try the following:

ask file "Export picture as:" with filter "JPEG file,*.jpg"
if it is not empty then
  export image "revImage" to file it as JPEG
end if

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> Subject: Images & clipboard problems
> I would really appreciate help regarding the 2 following problems :
> - Image :
> When I do [put URL "binfile:myImage.gif" into image "revImage"] 
> everything works as expected.
> When I do [put image "revImage" into URL "file:whatSoEverImage.gif"] I 
> get expected garbage (text file), but when I do [put image "revImage" 
> into URL "binfile:whatSoEverImage.gif"] I get garbage as well.
> And when I do [put imageData of image "revImage" into URL 
> "binfile:whatSoEverImage.gif"] I obviously get even more garbage.
> Am I really that stupid or am I missing something ?
> - Clipboard :
> I would be delighted to know whether someone knows how do something like 
> that : [put URL "binfile:../clipBoardFile" into image "myImage"] where 
> clipBoardFile is supposed to be the file where the Sytem stores the 
> clipboard data. Assuming that 1) the data is an image, 2) Mac OS X as 
> well as Mac OS 9.x stores clipboard data in a file somewhere rather than 
> in memory.
> The clipBoard() function is rather useless and gives only information 
> about the data type. Is there another one which allows access to the 
> content of the clipboard rather than the type ?
> Zillions thanks in advance for your reply.
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