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I am sure that I am exhibiting a deep degree of ignorance, but how do you
set the list field to true

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> James wrote:
>> GHow can I build a scrollable field that works like an html table with
>> 120
>> buttons in it. Each of the buttons needs to lonk to a specific card. Can
>> this also be done with a text field.
> Check out "linkText" property in the docs.  It's a beautiful thing.  If
> each 'button' (just really 'names' in this case) is on a separate line,
> make your field a list field (set list behaviour to true), set the
> textstyle of the field to "link",  then set the linkText for each line
> in the field to "cardName" of the card that you want to go to (you can
> do this easily with a script).
> Then, in the mouseup handler of the field, you put
> get the selectedChunk
> put the linkText of it into whereGo
> go to card whereGo
> If you want to do something fancier, just ask :-)
> mark mitchell
> Japan
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