Question about hyper linking from Text field

Klaus Major klaus.major at
Fri Sep 13 04:50:01 EDT 2002

Hi James,

> GHow can I build a scrollable field that works like an html table with 
> 120
> buttons in it. Each of the buttons needs to lonk to a specific card. 
> Can
> this also be done with a text field.

1. You can create 120 buttons, arrange and group them
and add a scrollbar to that group.

2. You can set up a field (with TABS etc...) with all the names
of the card that are supposed to be navigated to.
Then you could format these names in the text as "Linktext" and
put this script into the field:

on linclicked the_link
    if there is a cd the_link then
      go cd the_link
   end if
end linkclicked

Both solutions require a little work...

Hope that helps.

Have a nice weekend.

Regards from germany

Klaus Major
klaus.major at

Wanny buy some used question marks ? ;-)

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