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Fri Sep 13 00:00:00 EDT 2002

I've put up a Revolution Wiki. It's at:


What is a Wiki, you say? Glad you asked. A Wiki is a web server where every page is editable by anyone. Wikis use a very simple underlying syntax, allowing just about anyone to participate. This makes them a very powerful collaboration tool.

You can learn more about Wikis in general at the home page of the original creator of the concept:

Some of you may know that I wrote the stack that exports the Revolution documentation. I modified that stack, and the resulting pages are part of the Revolution Wiki. That means:

* The entire archive is presented through the web 
* The entire archive is searchable (slowly, so be patient) 
* The archive is cross-referenced 

Those items would be possible with an ordinary web server. A Wiki also provides for the following more important benefits:

* Every page is editable, by anyone, at any time, easily. You might think this would lead to chaos, but in general it doesn't. 
* New cross-references can be added. 
* Notes explaining quirks of a command can be added. 
* Questions and answers can be posted. 
* Sample code for a command can be added. 
* Recent changes are listed for you
* The edit history of a page is available to you
* You can receive email notice when a page is updated. 
* You can back-reference, seeing which pages link to a given page.
* You can add new pages on additional topics

All of this is available now, without a password. Just go, enjoy, and participate.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal project, not a RunRev sanctioned resource. Just wanted to be clear.

Feel free to send feedback directly to me.



Geoff Canyon
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