Creating a Catalog of a CD

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Thu Sep 12 05:30:01 EDT 2002

Hey-ya all,

I'm onto a new project, after fabulous success with our last little Rev 
project, just love Rev, don't you!??  I've learnt to plan at first, 
build smaller projects (not one big Ben Hurr), then glue them together.

I'm looking to do my own small catalog system, nothing fancy, just want 
as part of another app, a small tool that scans the entire 
directory/catalog of a CDs and prepares for presentation and searching.

I'm sure many have come across this, I've done a quick search of the 
archives but no notes that I could see.

I'm seeking caveats and tips: how best to store b-tree data?  Should I 
be using Valentina or other DB (we may have up to 100 CDs to catalog)?  
Should I store in an external text file file?  I'm using the 'long 
files' and folders version, should I parse and store each item in an 
array or just items in a list?  Or stored away in a database?

Sorry if I'm ignorant of the best approach, I'm really looking for some 
help to save me falling over late into the night as I discover the best 
way NOT to do something... I've been down that path, sometimes it is 
fun (always a good 'earn-ing' experience), but mostly painful.

Many thanks again, one day this very part-time Rev business will turn a 
corner to more full time!

Matt Denton

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