Background color problem in PPC compiled app.

Peter Lundh simran at
Tue Sep 10 14:13:00 EDT 2002

Hi all-

The last time I compiled - for Mac PPC and OS X -the application I'm
currently working on some of its cards changed their background color from
white to light gray. But only in the PPC version - the Mac OS X application
was fine. How I can fix this? Have I encountered a bug in the Revolution
program, or do I have to fiddle with some properties?

The gray background only appears on the cards that I created yesterday on
the PPC version of Revolution. All cards are meant to have a white
background so I have no idea where the gray came from. About 2/3s of my
application has been made on the Mac OS X platform, but I switched this
weekend because I found the PPC version to be more stable (for me). My
application is 6 Mb (before being compiled) and it has some 300 graphical
objects (mainly jpg images) placed on 50 different cards in a main stack (I
have a separate non-visible stack holding most of the image objects).

Grateful for any advice...

-Peter :)
Peter Lundh
simran at

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