QuickTime movies in a standalone

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Sep 10 12:26:01 EDT 2002

mark mitchell <cowhead at mac.com> wrote:

> In my hands, OS X is a little funky, so you may not see the controller 
> of the player (assuming you have it set to visible) or the movie image 
> (if its video of some kind) until you actually start the player, or 
> click near where the controller should be.

It's not just your machine. I've been fighting with the same behavior 
ever since I switched to OS X and recent releases of the MC engine 
haven't fixed it yet. I reported the problem quite a while ago, but 
maybe should send it in again.

What I've found is that if the player is placed on top of an image, the 
controller isn't drawn. If the image underneath is removed or hidden, 
normal controls reappear.

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