frequent awkward need to use the "do" command

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Sep 8 17:14:01 EDT 2002

You shouldn't have to, Brad. I created two buttons on a card, with the first
button having a custom prop called "test" that contained the word "hello".
In the other button was this script:

on mouseUp
  put the long id of btn 1 into tBtn
  put the test of tBtn into temp
  answer temp
end mouseUp

and up came "hello" in the answer box. Is it perhaps the way the object
identifier you have is being used (i.e. something that is not the long id of
the object)?

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Subject: frequent awkward need to use the "do" command

> I must be missing something. I often find myself using the "do"
> command in places where it shouldn't be necessary.  It would be nice
> if I could just say:
> put the myToolMode of objectIdentifier into toolMode
> but instead, I have to write it this way:
> do "put the myToolMode of " & objectName & " into toolmode"
> This seems awkward somehow. Is there a better way to handle this?
> Thanks!
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