Lag after button click

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Fri Sep 6 21:34:01 EDT 2002


The problem is that when you click twice, the second click is being treated
as a double-click. So to get everything, do this:

(BTW: In Rev you don't need to say "card field", you can just say "field".)

on mouseUp
  put "1" after field "data"
end mouseUp

on mouseDoubleUp
  put "1" after field "data"  -- If you want the same thing
end mouseDoubleUp

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Subject: Lag after button click

> Help,
> I made a simple calculator in which buttons contain scripts such as
> on mouseUp
> put "1" after card field "data"
> end mouseUp
> If I click the button five times, I am lucky to see two or three
> characters appear. Happens in OS 10, 9, and Windows.
> Thanks in advance for your comments.
> Tom Speitel
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