Privatizing Custom Properties

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At 9:46 AM -0700 9/7/2002, misc das wrote:
>I noted your remark:
>"The thing that's a little strange, syntactically, is the setProp
>handler. The docs define this as a "construct" rather than a handler..."
>I find it interesting that RR would define this as a "construct", when
>MC calls it a Handler. From the MC Help:
>"You can write a setprop handler to catch this message... Note that
>when you set an object's property from within a setprop handler,
>setprop messages are not sent."

<shudder> I try not to write that way. "Construct" is a verb, not a noun.

A setProp handler is certainly one of the four handler types (along with
getProp handlers, message ["on"] handlers, and function handlers). They are
discussed in "About the Structure of a Script"; you can find this topic in
the Development Guide in the main docs window, under "Writing Transcript

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